Closing the Complex Sale

This Hybrid Training Intensive is designed for sales leaders who want to have a breakthrough experience when it comes to complex sales and negotiations with the community-feel of being surrounded by like-minded industry challenges. I created this intensive shortly after the sales world has turned upside down by massive shutdowns and bans of large crowds. Sales leaders had to learn to find prospects and close deals in a new world. This Intensive is strictly for senior sales leaders responsible for a team of no less than 15 salespeople with annual revenue goals exceeding 10M.

The Intensive includes a small, 10-person private group coaching environment, along with six online modules, attendee specific sales process reviews with personalized feedback, weekly group calls, and three private upgrading sessions with me.

In the 3-week intensive you’ll have major breakthrough when it comes to your sale’s teams ability to close complex sales, negotiate better contracts and keep revenue consistently climbing throughout the year. You’ll learn how to reinvigorate your sales team, non-traditional compensation models, and how to specifically improve your company’s sales pipeline. We are only reserving a limited amount of seats for this Hybrid Coaching Experience because our goal is to provide a high-level intimate experience for you.

What Your Hybrid Training Intensive Includes


Each private group session is personally delivered by me and is uniquely designed to identify existing opportunities for better negotiation, offer creation, and sales leadership. Customized assignments are given out each session with personalized feedback from me before each new session. 

By using my unique approach to sales and negotiation, proprietary strategies, tools, and tactics, you will be able to upgrade, optimize, and systemize your sales leadership and deal closing ability. 

A powerful action plan built specifically for your business and sales team.

Direct insight about what must change to reach new levels of sales success.

Spot areas of development and create initiatives to quickly optimize sales and negotiation outcomes.

Establish a unifying and over-arching success framework for your sales team.

6 Sessions… 1 Outcome


Session #1

How to Effectively Deal with Obstacles and Difficult Conversations and Win Clients

In this session, I’ll show you how to embrace objections and leverage them to close the deal.


Session #4

How to Create Value Propositions that Compel Clients and Win Deals

In this session, I’ll challenge you to rethink you entire customer experience.


Session #2

How to Create Alignment, Remove Obstacles, and Find a Path to Yes

This entertaining and impactful session delivers the real secret to mastering influence and persuasion. 


Session #5

Coaching the Sales Force

In this session, I’ll go deep on how to build and lead high performance teams in today’s ever changing workplace. ​


Session #3

How to Win at a Higher Price, Defend Your Margin, and Deliver Value

In this session, I’ll dive into why and how to value your product or service to set the bar for current and future clients.


Session #6

Managing You: The Sales Leader

This session covers the critical introspection you need to hone your leadership skillsets.


Give yourself a tactical advantage. Find out how my Hybrid Training can help you build a strategy for each interaction of your negotiation.