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Persuasion and influence are no longer soft skills. They are fundamental skills that can help you attract investors, sell products, build brands, inspire teams, and trigger movements.

Despite all the processes, lingo, methodologies, and corporate rhetoric, sales—no matter the industry—has never truly been about selling business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-customer (B2C). Selling always has and always will be done human-to-human (H2H).

Here’s My Point of View

Get to Know the Sales Leaders In My World

Whether you’re a sales producer aspiring to move into leadership or already an established leader, you’re always looking for ideas to stay on top of your game. I have assembled a series of interviews with some of the top sales leaders in the world of professional sports, entertainment, tech, and finance to share experience and insights. If you want to grow your sales team and your leadership skills without recreating the wheel every time, listen to Against the Sales Odds and start advancing your career today.

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Resources to give you the unfair advantage

Igniting Sales EQ

The best salespeople exhibit behavioral activity that matches those that they are dealing with & go out of their way to make that connection. That means having a high EQ (Emotional Intelligence). Develop your sales EQ and start closing more deals.


Selling is an Away Game

I know what it takes to succeed in the industry and have compiled my knowledge to help companies and individuals increase sales production, shorten sales cycle time, reduce cost of sale, and develop outstanding sales talent.

The human sales factor

In my latest book I lay out the five critical categories of Emotional Intelligence (the key to H2H Prospecting) that I teach my clients. As well as the Six Strategies to igniting your EQ, so you’ll be armed and ready with the H2H skills you need to get what you want when you want it.

What I do Better Than Anyone

1-on-1 Negotiation

Regardless of a person’s role in a company, they often find themselves in a situation that requires negotiation on behalf of their department, their team, or their company. For a sales person, level-headed negotiations are a key to success. In this training, participants will learn how negotiating is different from resolving an objection, and they will gain the unique set of skills that are required to navigate any negotiation. The goal is to provide strategies and tactics for understanding the person they are negotiating with, what they want to get from that person, and what that person wants to get from them. Our instructors will teach the negotiation process and how to gain insight into the buyer’s mind.

Closing the Complex

Does the market drive the sales offering or does the sales offering drive the market? In a technology-driven world, people have unlimited access to knowledge—and that includes your customer. Your sales team is facing different challenges because today’s buyer has more information at their fingertips than ever before. It’s time to refine your sales team’s skillset and give them the strategies and tactics to build a connection with customers, generate interest, and create dialogue. By adapting their approach and implementing Away Game Selling, your team can partner with your customers to achieve the desired solutions. The Away Game Selling model is a scalable, measurable, and repeatable approach that will equip your team with the tools to achieve predictable results. It’s more than a training program that provides relevant examples. It’s an applicable approach to understanding the strategy needed to obtain consistent results in a complex world.

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High-Level Negotiation

Getting everything you want out of a deal requires skilled negotiation strategies and tactics. Whether you are securing large complex contracts, high-level talent acquisitions, or working through consolidations and mergers, I provide one-on-one coaching to make sure you don’t miss an angle or lose a critical deal point.

Naming Rights

Naming rights deals no longer exclusively apply to national brands and sports teams. Today, college organizations, training facilities, multi-use entertainment spaces and local stadiums are considering selling valuable sponsorship and naming rights packages to all kinds of business entities. I will coach you through the changing landscape, common problems, future trends, and how to leverage the best deal.

High-Value Sales Deals

I tailor a specific strategy for your high-value deal that considers your ideal prospect profile, potential objections, and gives you the highest chances of closing the deal by outlining the best scenario and the lowest possible deal option. I will then coach you through exactly how to present the deal, negotiate, and close the prospect.

Hitting Revenue Quotas

Revenue quotas are a crucial part of sales that every sales team uses. To exceed sales goals, the right metrics need to align with the compensation of your team. I work with your team to identify the revenue quotas that matter, solidifies revenue goals, and sets the most effective commission structure possible.

Talent Contracts

Between the agents and lawyers, you need someone on your team to help you navigate the red tape and close the deal when it comes to securing the right talent. Whether you are trying to build a team of sales professionals, C-Suite rockstars, influencers, athletes, or spokespeople, I will help you develop a contract that sells itself and has the highest acceptance rate across all parties.